Saturday, April 24, 2010

I switched from ie to firefox..?

but now my shortcuts don't work.. should I not have removed ie from my computer?? I was getting a lot of ie pop-ups...

is there any way that I can get my shortcuts to work?

I switched from ie to firefox..?internet explorer 7

Just go to File-%26gt;Import and you'll be able to import your IE settings (unless you deleted them).

I switched from ie to firefox..?microsoft word internet explorer

You should be able to export your shortcuts from IE and then import them into Firefox.
firefox it's so much better.....

I use firefox too........

yes, you shouldn't have removed IE from your computer because it's required for many other programs to run properly.....

If you were getting too much pop-ups you should had stop using IE, but leave it installed.
Go to File -%26gt; Import.

It gives you an option of importing your stuff from your Internet Explorer.

Hope this helps :)

IE 7 Beta 3?

I installed IE 7 Beta 3 but I see no MENU BAR. Why?


IE 7 Beta 3?internet explorer

right click on where the bar should be and you should see a menu of all the tool bars check the one you want and you should be set.

IE 7 Beta 3?microsoft office internet explorer

because microsoft sucks. oh, you do realize you can get the menu bar back? it's in the Internet Options i believe.
you would get better help here


? Here are hundreds of Discussion Groups for Microsoft products such as Internet Explorer, Outlook, Outlook Express and the list goes on and on. There is even a discussion group for the new Internet Explorer 7 beta.

? You'll need to signup for an MSN Passport Account to use these groups. But it's really worth your time. You'll receive better help here than anywhere. But if you didn't pay for the product it might be smart not to mention it here. If you want help that is.


IE problem Vista?

when I try and log in to view a profile page thats coded adult the IE that came with Vista takes the info but just keeps asking for a password instead of displaying the profile. just an endless loop asking over and over for the password

IE problem Vista?download ie

someone probably has a content control set. If its your computer go in to the settings and see. It might be set to not let you go to unsafe or adult content. Good Luck! look into tools, internet options.

IE keeps shuttin down?

my internet explorer keeps shutting down every time i search stuff on yahoo or google. or even just click a link. i dont know if its parental controls. it shouldnt b bcuz it wasnt nothing bad. if any1 knows how to solve this plz help. by the way i have tried running IE with no add ons

IE keeps shuttin down?download windows media player

ie sux get mozilla firefox

IE keeps shuttin down?internet explorer update internet explorer

Might have gotten corrupted try firefox or netscape.
uninstall IE then reinstall IE that might work

btw if you don't have to use ie i would download opera
This happens to alot of people here, happened to me. I tried everything %26amp; asked the same question....only responses I got was go to FireFox. I never was a big fan of FF but it's alot better now, and it has a skin which allows it to look %26amp; function just like IE. I never have any trouble now, and it runs faster too.
Yea, just use firefox. Its safer and you can customize it to do anything you want with plugins.

How do you go from IE 7 to IE 6?

I am using a web site that doesn't like IE 7 it prefers IE 6 I was wondering if anyone knew how to go from IE 7 to IE6. Thanks.

How do you go from IE 7 to IE 6?ds browser

When you uninstall i.e.7 in add/remove programs then it should automatically revert to i.e.6 but to be on the safe side download i.e.6 first from here and save it to your desktop just in case of problems after uninstalling i.e.7

How do you go from IE 7 to IE 6?microsoft templates internet explorer

download IE6 from:

uninstall IE7 and then install the downloaded IE6

As a failsafe, download and install Firefox first - that way if it screws up and your left with no IE for a while, you can still get on the web and find a solution



IE issues??

Whats wrong with my code, it looks fine in firefox, but awful in IE

IE issues??

I've opened it in Opera, Firefox, Netscape Navigator. It looks perfect, but usually I use IE 7 and Maxthon, where it does look awful.

Find more information about which PHP-codes are not compatible with a certain browser. Then try to use codes that all the browsers can compile.

Sorry, don't have a source for such information, because I am an ASP-programmer, don't know about PHP. I've just tried to answer your question and inform that my IE (7) has problems when compiling your page.

Good luck!


By the way, your search textbox shows "Title/Artist/Genre". When clicking on it, the text disapears, but when leaving the textbox when it's still empty the standard text for empty textbox doesn't "come back". Add an "OnLeave" (or maybe in PHP it's OnFocusOut, don't know) event, let it check the textbox value, and if it's empty, attach the text back to the textbox.

IE issues??microsoft windows xp internet explorer

looks ok apart from the text maybe different text colour would be better
there is alignment problem with #white_mid,

absolute positioned elements sometimes need IE fix.

look again in to div order, use clear:both to fix few nested divs.

I suggest - cross check in IE and FF at the time of coding.

Good Luck

just been looking at your source code so here I take a deep breath and.......

You have a lot of tags that you have not ended, then when you have ended them you have also used the /%26gt;%26lt;/div%26gt;

Remember that some browsers allow this short hand and some don;t and not all implement this 'allow lazy' model. So when you start a %26lt;DIV%26gt; finish with a %26lt;/DIV%26gt;

This goes for all Tags....very important. I know a lot of hippy designers will stick a thumbs down to this, but as a programmer, in the words of James May, I like procedures.

I am using visual studio 2005 to analyse your source code for the page and as I move through the tags, it attempts to find the closing tag. I found about 15 places where VS said it was missing the closing TAG....even then after I had gone through and closed those tages there was still errors with parameters that you have used that are not legal for the type of tag you are using. This is sometimes ignored by IE or not as the case suggests.

Are you using a notepad type application to do this? if so, spend a few quid and get front page or dream weaver.

I have to tell you that the worst part of my job is cross browser compatibility....but I always aim to make everything work in IE then modify to the others, not the other way round. This is simply because of the millions of web stats I have sifted through over the years, I see much more IE visitors than the others.

Anyway, it does look pretty cool when it works in FF. But I would caution against too many Div statements and even go so far to perhaps push you into using tables.

They seem to work much better over the wide range and versions of browsers avaialable. Perhaps, rather than a composite image use a larger image and then absolutley position the controls over the image within a single cell table. Oh and one last thing, the image map at the end was about 20% of the errors but I am assuming you are still DEV mode so you can do some work now!!!!



Ie words and nth words?

i need Long E words that are spelled ie and "nth" ending words!!! Help

Ie words and nth words?microsoft word 2003



and so on

my brain isn't functioning I guess. I thought I could think of more, but cannot. Sorry.

possibly search homework helpers?

Ie words and nth words?internet explorer 6 internet explorer

thirteenth through nineteenth

thats all I can think of right now.
belief, believe

relief, relieve



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